Nazi Forced Labour in Leipzig - Educational Offerings

Educational Offerings

Apart from guided tours of the permanent exhibition and through the former HASAG company premises, the educational program of the memorial also includes walks through various neighbourhoods of Leipzig to explore forced labour in the National Socialist state. For school children and youth groups, we additionally offer educational offerings whose contents and methodology are tailored to the specific target group. If you would like to register, obtain further information and for queries of any kind, please contact our staff directly.

Our educational offerings are free of charge. With advance notice, they are also available in English.

Guided Tours in the Memorial
| Forced labour in the National Socialist state in Leipzig and at the HASAG |
| ”The face of Leipzig’s armament production was female.” The HASAG concentration camp for women in Leipzig |
| Forced labour and extermination. The HASAG camp in occupied Poland, 1939 – 1944 |

Neighbourhood Walks – Exploring Forced Labour in the National Socialist State
| Connewitz | Lindenau | Volkmarsdorf | Reudnitz | Plagwitz | Gohlis

Bicycle Tours
| Böhlen | Taucha |

School Classes and Youth Group
| Basic guided tour “Forced labour in the National Socialist state in Leipzig and at the HASAG" |
| Guided tour focusing on the "HASAG Leipzig" satellite concentration camp for women |
|"Peer-to-peer" guided tour |

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