Nazi Forced Labour in Leipzig - Concept of the Memorial

Concept of the Memorial

The concept of the Leipzig Forced Labour Memorial dated October 2013 published herein was used as basis for the acceptance to the institutional sponsorship administered by the Memorials Foundation of Saxony, which materialised one year later. Since then, we were able to realise some goals of the memorials concept.

The approval of the institutional sponsorship enabled us to hire another employee who is tasked with overseeing the educational program of the memorial. The memorial was renovated, die interim exhibition “Work in progress: Forced labour in the National Socialist state in Leipzig and at the arms manufacturer HASAG“ opened its doors and the website with revised contents and graphics was put online in 2016. 2017, a media station was added to the exhibition, containing a searchable interactive city map with the former sites of forced labour in the National Socialist state in Leipzig. 

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