Nazi Forced Labour in Leipzig - Who we are


Our staff on site:

Anne Friebel
Responsible for inquiries / research and public relations
anne.friebel [at] zwangsarbeit-in-leipzig [dot] de

Anja Kruse
Responsible for pedagogy
anja.kruse [at] zwangsarbeit-in-leipzig [dot] de

Dr. Josephine Ulbricht
Responsible for networking and project planning
josephine.ulbricht [at] zwangsarbeit-in-leipzig [dot] de

Toni Pohontsch
Responsible for finances and administration
toni.pohontsch [at]

Sponsoring Association

The Leipzig Nazi Forced Labour Memorial is funded by the sponsoring association "Erinnern an NS-Verbrechen in Leipzig e.V." Together with the Dr-Margarete-Blank Memorial in Panitzsch it was funded by the sponsoring association ”Dr Margarete Blank” e.V. until 2019. The association was established in 1996 by Charlotte Zeitschel (1926-2011), who served as its chairperson until 2010.  

The association is presided over by an unsalaried executive board consisting of three persons elected by the members of the association. The honorary executive board oversees and coordinates the work of the staff in charge of the scientific, administrative and educational duties of the memorial.


The memorial enjoys institutional backing from the Saxon Memorial Foundation commemorating the victims of political oppression and the Cultural Affairs Office of the City of Leipzig. In addition, its work is financed with dues paid by the members of the association and with donations. Moreover, the memorial is supported by the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, on whose premises the memorial is located. Many responsibilities and activities arising in the memorial’s daily routine are performed by volunteers.

If you wish to make a financial contribution to the memorial and the volunteer work, please remit your donation to the following account:  

Erinnern an NS-Verbrechen in Leipzig e.V.
Sparkasse Leipzig
DE82 8605 5592 1100 1609 96

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