Nazi Forced Labour in Leipzig - Contact


Gedenkstätte für Zwangsarbeit Leipzig
Permoserstraße 15
D-04318 Leipzig

Phone: +49 (0)341 - 235 2075
E-Mail: gedenkstaette [at] zwangsarbeit-in-leipzig [dot] de


Contact Persons:

Anne Friebel
Responsible for inquiries / research, public relations
Contact: anne.friebel [at] zwangsarbeit-in-leipzig [dot] de

Anja Kruse
Responsible for pedagogy, acquisition of subsidies
Contact: anja.kruse [at] zwangsarbeit-in-leipzig [dot] de

Dr. Josephine Ulbricht
Responsible for networking and project planning
Contact: josephine.ulbricht [at] zwangsarbeit-in-leipzig [dot] de

Toni Pohontsch
Responsible for finances and administration
Contact: toni.pohontsch [at]

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