Nazi Forced Labour in Leipzig - Guided Tours

Guided Tours in the Memorial

Every month, we organise public guided tours through the memorial and premises of the former HASAG, with a focus on regularly alternating topics.

Groups can book individual tours. Please contact our staff in advance.

All tours last approximately 1.5 hours and consist of a visit of the memorial’s permanent exhibition as well as a short walk around the premises. They end with the opportunity to explore the memorial on your own and to ask questions.


| Forced labour in the National Socialist state in Leipzig and at the HASAG |
The tour starts with an introduction to the topic of forced labour in the National Socialist state with a focus on the greater Leipzig area. It provides an overview of the company's history and the National Socialist crimes committed by HASAG, the working and living conditions of the forced labourers as well as the handling of National Socialist crimes involving forced labour after 1945 and in the present time.

| "The face of Leipzig's armament production was female." The HASAG concentration camp for women in Leipzig |
This tour focuses on the "HASAG Leipzig" women's satellite camp of Buchenwald established in Leipzig-Schönefeld in the summer of 1944, whose inmates were forced to produce anti-tank rocket launchers for HASAG. The tour explores the history of the satellite camp as well as the working and living conditions of the women and girls imprisoned there.

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